Comprehensive Legal Analysis for New York’s Binghamton-Johnson City Joint Sewage Board Leads to Improved Wastewater Collection and Treatment System   

For more than 30 years, the Binghamton-Johnson City Joint Sewage Board (BJCJSB) has served the sewage disposal needs of the City of Binghamton and several surrounding towns and villages in Broome County, New York. When it came time to conduct a thorough and comprehensive legal analysis of several historic inter-municipal agreements, BJCJSB turned to PLDW’s Municipal Infrastructure Team to assist it in gaining a clear understanding of its legal authority to establish and implement a flow management plan that would reduce the amount of groundwater and stormwater that enters its system.

Following a careful review of several contracts between the City of Binghamton and the Village of Johnson City that created the BJCJSB, as well as BJCJSB ‘s contracts with “outside user” communities who also discharge to its system, PLDW attorneys concluded that the BJCJSB did, in fact have the authority to impose a flow management plan on each user. As a result, BJCJSB has adopted recommendations prepared by GHD Consulting Engineers, with which PLDW worked, and has begun implementing plans to reduce the presence of these flows, which needlessly burden a sewer system with excessive flows for which treatment is not required. By using their newly-confirmed legal authority and executing a comprehensive flow plan for the entire area of interest, the sewage disposal system is now able to operate with greater efficiency.

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